Financial decisions made easy

The simplest and most innovative software to make financial decisions


Always worried about paying bills

Not controlling the costs of running your business

Not fully understanding your accounting reports

Not always meeting your profit goals

Don’t know what immediate financial decisions to make

Not growing your business fast enough


To never stress about paying your bills

To always be in control and manage your costs  

To care less about understanding accounting reports and jargon

To always meet your desired profit goals

To know what to do today, next month, and next year

To finally start growing your business


A simple to use software for the go-getters who are ready to go to the next level 

Does the financial analysis and thinking for you so that you can do what you love 

Guides you along the way so your bank account is never empty 

Sifts through the useless information and gives you only the information you need 

Helps you reach the heights you were always expecting

Because the Decision Maker is AI powered 
it simply can do things no other software can

The first software with automated financial decision-making!

What can you do with the Decision Maker?



Easily access your reports and analytics to know exactly where you stand financially at any given time



Simulate effortlessly your data to determine the future impact of any financial decision you want to make today

AI Advisor

Analyzes your company non-stop and is always seeking to increase your overall profitability and business value

How does it Work?
Simple as 123..

1. Sign-up

Sign-up for a free account
(no credit card required)

2. Connect

Connect the Decision-Maker with your current solution such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Freshbooks, Zoho, etc…
(you can also enter your data manually if you are not using one)

3. Enjoy

Access the Decision Maker anytime you need to gain valuable insights on your performance or make decisions
(your data will be automatically updated when you make changes in your current solution)

YES, the Decision Maker connects to your favorite apps

3 Reasons why you need the Decision-Maker:

#1. No more Waiting

You won’t need to read pages of instructions…or sit through lengthy demo sessions. It’s plug and play immediately with the Decision-Maker

#2. No more Frustration

Your financial data is presented to you in a simple way to help you easily access the information you need

#3. No more Guessing

The Decision-Maker will analyze your financial data automatically, and provide you the best decisions to reach your profit goals


“The Decision-Maker is a brilliant tool that has made it easy for both myself, and my business partner to stay up to date with our budgeting and to access analytical data and reports quite simply in one place. As a result, the Decision Maker enables us to make the best and most accurate decisions for the company. BTW, I love the AI Advisor”

David M.
CEO (Transportation Company)

“Since using Decision Maker, I have improved the structure of my business finances to achieve better efficiency. Above all else, it saved me from having to hire someone to do it for me. Great system, highly recommended for entrepreneurs like myself!”

Parker V.
Partner (Tech Company)

“I am the owner of a busy flower shop and have always struggled with my budgeting. However, the Decision Maker has solved this problem for me with a function that recommends spending amounts in order to meet the shop’s target revenue. It has not only bettered the business’s profitability, but it has taken a long-standing weight off my shoulders. Thank you.”

Alima J.
Owner (Flower Company)

“I have used a number of financial management tools over the years, but I just can’t believe how fantastic the Decision Maker is! It’s so easy to use, it does everything I need it to and it is actually super affordable!”

Tanya K.
CFO (Farming Company)

“Without Decision Maker, my company would be spending a fortune on consulting fees! My small finance team is better equipped than ever with this system. They spend less time trying to coordinate the financial administration for projects, giving them more time to enhance our performance results.”

Gunter U.
CEO (Waste Management Company)

“As a decision-maker of an award-winning recruitment firm, it is difficult to make financial decisions as even the littlest of mistakes could have a substantial negative impact on revenues. An ex-colleague recommended the Decision Maker to me and admittedly, I was a little skeptical as change is always a little scary. Conversely, it turned out to be extremely user-friendly! With the ability to collate a large amount of information that affects the firm significantly, the Decision Maker minimizes the potential of leaving out crucial factors, permitting decision-makers like me to make the right decisions.”

Jerry P.
CEO (HR Company)

“My organization has been a user of Decision Maker for some time now and it has helped us achieve success at various levels. Not only have we managed to streamline the workload of the finance team, we have confidently met our employee retention goals ever since. The Decision Maker comes highly recommended as the number one tool for decision-making!”

Ben S.
CEO – (Real Estate Company)

Let your journey to financial success begin with the Decision-Maker

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