Turn your QuickBooks Data
into Profitable Decisions

Connecting your QuickBooks to the Decision Maker is very simple and just takes literally seconds.

Under SettingsClick – Add a company

  1. Fill-out your company details
  2. You have the option to add your logo
  3. Under Preferences – in Accounting System – Choose US GAAP
  4. And finally, under Data Input – Click on the QuickBooks logo press Continue, and then Connect to QuickBooks
  5. You will be prompted to sign-in to your QuickBooks account and to accept the connection to the Decision-Maker.

That’s it. You are now ready to experience the powerful and innovative tools the Decision Maker offers

Get it done with the Decision Maker

An Efficient tool that can extract the EXACT information needed to make the best financial decisions for your company


Easy Integration

Connecting your QuickBooks to the Decision Maker is very simple and just takes seconds


Power up your data

Comes ready with Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, reporting, financial modeling, business intelligence, budgeting, profit management, and decisions simulation tools to reach maximum profits

Your Goals = Reached

Provides a clear path and necessary adjustments to reach Maximum Profitability

Analyze your financial data like never before

   1. Takes all financial data, analyzes it, and provides clear decisions moving forward (for all financial aspects of the organization)

   2. Through its simulations tools and machine learning, can predict the short and long-term effects of financial decisions

3 Reasons why you need the Decision Maker

1. Manage your finances with less effort and confusion

2. Make quick and accurate financial decisions

3. Earn the profits and success you seek

You can reach your profit goals with the Decision Maker

The Decision-Maker does the hard work for you so that you can focus on what you do best

David M. CEO (Transportation Company)

“The Decision-Maker is a brilliant tool that has made it easy for both myself, and my business partner to stay up to date with our budgeting and to access analytical data and reports quite simply in one place. As a result, the Decision Maker enables us to make the best and most accurate decisions for the company. BTW, I love the AI Advisor”

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